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Bouse and Cactus Plain TMP Comments
General comment, The Planet Peak LWC

The following is a summation of the areas proposed for closure that the Bouse area OHV community would like to see kept open on the BLM’s current Travel Management Plan Proposal. It is vitally important that YOU take the time to craft a letter or email to the BLM in your own words citing why these particular trails should be left open and not closed. Although you may not ride these trails, your opportunity to ride them in the future will not exist if YOU choose to not comment. Also trails next on the docket are in the Salome/Wenden area. They will need the support of the Bouse and Quartzsite OHV communities to help fight proposed closures in that area. Please take a moment to make YOUR voice heard by commenting on these proposed closures. If you choose inaction or no action, I can guarantee you your choice will come back to haunt you in the near future, if you love to ride as much as most of us do.

Information on how and where to send your comments can be found on this Facebook Page:

(Land With Wilderness Characteristics) means the area has not been shown on the past three versions of the Cactus Plain area maps. Request that the area be reduced to a size that does not have any existing trails in it. The existing trails in Planet Peak LWC, CP1085 and CP1086 are trails used by the Ghost Riders for loop rides from the parking area at the CAP and Shea Road.

Request the trails listed below that are currently marked closed be changed to open:

CP 1085 and CP 1086 are trails are utilized by the Arizona Ambassadors for Show Me rides. They provide connectivity and a unique riding experience.

CP1087 provides access to an existing mine site and historic cabin. This is a unique location even though it is on a dead end.

CP1065 and CP1066 are trails that lead to an existing coke oven. This is a very unique site the oven is still complete. Very unusual.

CP1513 leads to an existing mine site that is great for rock hounds and has a spectacular view of the Butler Valley and Bouse areas. The Ghost Riders have club rides to this site even though it is a dead end.

BS1051 is a connector from an open trail to the canal lift station crossing which is utilized frequently for club rides as well as regularly by many area residents to access the canal crossing to get to the Butler Valley area without taking the county road. It is one of the most used trails in the area.

BS1047 is the trail that actually crosses the canal at the lift station. There is actually an area between the pumps and the outlet that is not fenced and has an existing trail going from south to north across the canal. Many club rides use this crossing to access the power line going to Butler Valley then looping back either east or west on different trails to Bouse. This trail also has unique characteristics along the power line that many like to ride.

BS1046 and BS1048 connect the lift station crossing BS1047 and the power line going to Butler Valley. It is essential for the Ghost Riders and Bouse area residents for rides to many destinations such as Camp Bouse, Butler Valley, Midway, Fisherman’s Cabin and other points of interest.

BS1093 is important to provide connectivity to the canal and to provide connectivity for shorter loop rides from Bouse. Many visitors and locals enjoy the unique trail conditions and the scenic qualities of this trail. This trail in conjunction with BS1046 is important for access to the canal crossing at the lift station.

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