Bouse and Cactus Plain TMP — Comments Needed by June 29

The following information is critical to keeping the trails in the Bouse and East Cactus Plain Open. The deadline for comments is JUNE 29. The first is an email from Rebecca Antle of the Lake Havasu BLM Office. She outlines the process which is similar to the one used in our LaPosa TMP. The second is an email from Jim Bowen,a member of the Public Land Access Committee….it contains detailed information about specific trails and suggested items to mention in your comments. Please take a few minutes to read the following, then submit comments per Rebecca Antle’s links.

From Rebecca Antle: BLM Bouse and Cactus Plain Travel Management Planning Process
The BLM HavasuField Office held planning meetings on their travel management plan last week.
“The BLM is seeking your route specific comments. The best comments for planning are those that are detailed enough to affect the project and decision making process. Generic comments don’t typically provide sufficent information to develop potential management strategies for resolving travel related issues.” This information is posted on the BLM website.
The Plan being submitted for the general public review includes the four alternative route network plans. These plans are:
No Action
Resource Protection
Proposed Action
The BLM is asking if the proposed action creates a usable route network. If not they are seeking your comments, constructive, as to why.
The EPlanning document online allows you to electronically comment on the routes that are being considered to be closed. Comment on these routes and why you want them to stay open.
If a route is missing, let the BLM know that. Send them the route information. This is your opportunity to get those routes into the discussion. The BLM needs your input to present a map with all interests involved.
The public comment period is open until June 29, 2018, so get your comments in as soon as possible to be considered. The comments should be directed to the trails that may or may not be shown on the maps, suggestions on how to keep them open, reasons why they should be kept open.
Be clear, concise and informative as this is what the BLM is looking for to help them make a better informed decision.
Suggestions on How to Comment
Comment Information:…/eplanning/…

Comments can be submitted online using the land use planning tool “ePlanning” at the following link:

BLM Contact Information
Written comments can be mailed to the Lake Havasu Field Office, 1785 Kiowa Ave., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, Attn: BCP EA TMP.
Fax to 928-505-1270, Attn: BCP EA TMP

I just became aware that 4 of our clubs very popular trails are in a newly designated area labeled Fox Wash LWC–“Lands with Wilderness Characteristics” in the Cactus Plains Travel Management Plan being worked on as you read this.
The Trails are:
1. Cat-tail Cove-including Rovey’s Needle
2. Paloma Cat-tail loop
3. Aubrey Loop
4. Aubrey loop including difficult trail to Hot-Dog Cabin (we call this the Dollar Bill Cabin)
Why is this important to us as club members?

BLM lands can be designated in 3 different ways:
1. Wilderness-this takes an act of Congress and is completely roadless with no motorized traffic.
2. WSA-“Wilderness Study Area”. This can be designated by the local BLM office. This is a roadless area with “wilderness Qualities” that basically means we can’t have any trails in the area.
3. LWC- “Lands with Wilderness Characteristics”. This is an area that can have our trails in it—if we can give the BLM sufficient data to maintain one of our trails and defend it against groups that want to close roads in the area.
What we need to do:
We need to send as many letters and emails to our local BLM by June 29! (Yes, it’s pretty short notice for you!) They need to be letters and emails specific as to why we want the trail open—not I like it—please leave it open.
1. How many times do we use it-how popular is it?
2. Levels of different challenges
3. Types of different scenery
4. Solitude, little traffic
5. Red rock formations
6. Great view of Bill Williams refuge
7. Connectivity (big deal!)—how the trail makes a loop or connects with other trails (difficult trail to Hog-Dog cabin area is the only trail from the Cat-Tail cove area over to the Main Mohave Wash).
8. Connectivity loops—Bowling Alley off Cat-tail, Rovey’s Needle loop off Cat-tail, Aubrey loop down by Bill Williams refuge, Aubrey loop difficult cut across to Hot-Dog Cabin and Mohave Wash.
Attached is an email from Rebecca Antle. If you read it you will see links you can click to look at the interactive maps and a link you can click to send an email comment directly to our local BLM—already addressed. It is a great email from Rebecca and contains everything you need.
Take 5 minutes and read her email, click on the links and then send 2 or 3 emails to the BLM. Our local BLM truly does want them and need them to save our trails and be able to support their decision as to why the proposed the trail should remain open in the Fox Wash LWC.

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